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all the summaries is written by me(iezamin)

WEEK 1(24 SEPT - 28 SEPT)

The trial begin,paola was called as the first witness.Paola tell her version of story. She said that she had met paulina n the ladies toilet.She was surprised to see that they both look alike. She told that paulina had said to her that she must be paulina's hermana gemela(twin sister).
Then they had a chat and paola had told paulina about her life and paulina had forced her to switch places with her for a year. if paola refuse to do so,paulina had threated her that she will kill paola and will poses as paola forever.While telling the story,paola pretend to be the victim so that the juries will fel sympathy for her and will be on her side. sHe crying and the judge asjed her whether she can continue the trial or not. she been given a glass f water to calm her down.

Then serrano protest and its his turn to asked paola.he asked her to tell to the court who was she with when she had an accident in monaco.paola pretends to be sick again and the judge ordered paola to be taken to the clinic.
Paulina admit guilty of everything.Serrano protest and said that he had witness to proof that paulina said is not true.Montesinos disagree but serrano still insists that he had the proof.

Meanwhile outside the court,paola said to elvira that she had to be pretending sick so that her secret will not reveal.Leandro will get marry to viviana on saturday and will having a small party.They in hurry because leandro heard that willy already come back to mexico.
willy still insist estefania to give him the money but she refuse and said that all she thinking about is their son.
outside the courtroom,cd met rodrigo and patricia and told them everything.rodrigo said that paulina is stupid to do so.luciano had ben called as witness.he had the whole sory to the court.but the prosecutor need proof that he really there and the trial was adjourn for 2 days.the maid of brachos busy looking for the diary and still cannot found it.paola looking for luciano to give him money to shout his mouth.leandro is preparing for the wedding and already quit his job..edmundo and luciano went to cancun to search witnesses and celia and filomena is going to mexico to attend paulina's trial.paola called cd and said that they should have a talk.

cd me paola at the clinic.they had an argument.paola threats that she will send a letter and told the kids that she is their real gets angry and left.paola offered luciano the money but he refused to accept and explained he had changed.paola make a call to paulina and pretends that she is sick and regrets what she had done to paulina.paulina as usual been fooled again.and she is going to visit paola.celia and filomena is going to give their testimony.the trial continues,the witneses are pedro, donato d'angelli,filomena,celia,cenobia,mojarras,chabela and cd.paulina met paola at the clinic.paola called abuela piedad and warns her that she will coming home on sat whether she likes it or found about paola lovers and disloyalty and also her affair with willy and he said that he does not know about paola's real attitude.
paulina was found not guilty and she refuse to come back to bracho's micasa and is going to live with celia for a while.
paola angry when she found out about the results.

WEEK 2(1 OCT - 5 OCT)

While having lunch with the bracho's,carlitos asked paulina why is it she keep repeating her own name.Everyone was surprised and paulina start to explain that she has a twin sister which also has the same name as hers.But carlitos remember that abuela piedad had told him that paulina's twin sister name was paulina.paulina quickly explained that their parents gave them the same name.her name is paola paulina and her twin sister's paulina paola.
Meanwhile paola is getting ready to come back to bracho's mansion and she send elvira to bring her things.Elvira is very arrogant and rude but abuela piedad pretends to be nice to her.Rodrigo called their lawyer and he had been told that paola has right to come home because she and cd is still married.Meanwhile paulina went out to buy "wonder woman" costume that she had promised lisette before she went to prison.When cd finds out about paola returns,he gets angry and decide to kill paola but rodrigo try to stop and calm him down.

Paulina met paola at the clinic and try to convince paola not to return to the brachos because they all hate her so much.Paulina willing give all her mney and assets to paola if she followe what paulina said. Paola laugh and remind paulina that she and carlos daniel will be together again.Rodrigo advice carlos daniel not to take any action that will coz him trouble.Carlitos stayed with patricia and rodrigo to avoid him from seeing paola and get into trouble.At firts he refuse but when he heard that that he can meet paulina he agreed.Elvira as usual acted very rude and asked abuela piedad to wait for paola who will be coming home in about 2 hours.Then paola arrived at the brachos....By the way,before that estefania had inform willy that paola had return to the brachos.
Paola returns...and find out that no one wait for her...she gets angry...lalita saw her and paola asked her to serve her...But lalita refuse and said that abuela piedad said that she cannot help paola and she only gets order from fidelina.Paola very angry and insist lalita to help her and said that she the one who gave orders in the house.Paola then called cachita and ordered her to to prepare 2 seats for her and elvira at the dining room. but cachita refuse...paola just don't care and insist cachita to obey her.Abuela piedad and fidelina met paola at her room.They had an argument.Then lisette come back and met paola.Paola pretend to treat her with love and try to irritate and annoying fidelina and abuela piedad.Lisette get confuse and she had been told by paola to tell her dad that paola cannot be left...and lisette wants paola in the house.Carlitos went to paulina's hotel with cd.he will stay with her.Cd have to kiss paulina when carlitos asked her to do so.Cd said to paulina"to take good care of their son".Carlitos then hugged paulina and said that he is sure now that his parents love each other very much.meanwhile estefania asked for her sahre from rodrigo and told that she needs her money because of paola has come back and she might loses her money.Then carlos daniel come home at met paola....meanwhile Viviana finally gets married and they had a small party that attends by all the neighbours and their friends. Estela also come and said to leandro that did not want to miss the wedding so that she can give the good news to estefania and she can calm down.

Estefania been fooled again by willy.She gave willy the right to act as her representative and claim her money from her brothers.Fidelina had told estefania that cd already knew about paola's relationship with willy.Estefania afraid that cd will harm willy..willy went to the factory and had met rodrigo.He act very rude and asked for her own room at the factory and also wants him to pay him his salary.rodrigo gets angry but canot do anything because willy is protected by the law.Willy asked rodrigo to prepare his room and veronica not satisfied and went to ask rodrigo and he explain that he cannot do anything about it.willy and veronica have to share room for a while.
Meanwhile carlitos stayed with paulina in the hotel.He wants paulina to ask his father to saty with them.Paulina as usual try to find execuses explain things to "her son". Then paulina having lunch with carlitos and cd met them.Cd called her as paola.Carlitos insist to see "paola" his 'aunt'.Both of them try to explain that certain problem had occur and thats why he cannot see his 'aunt' "paulina paola".
Leandro said to abigail that he will take good care of viviana.Veronica told rodrigo and cd about the wedding and said that leandro had left the mexico on sunday.she said that it's good for her because if she continue the relationship she will regret for the rest of her life because in leandro heart is always be a place for viviana.
Rodrigo and cd felt sorry for her.
Paola received a call from gema and asked her to come to the brachos..Gema came and they both shakes hand and made a deal to destroy the barchos....they made an agreement to make their dreams and goal succesful.....

Gema had convinced abuela piedad that she had changed...and told paola how fool abuela p was....paola asked gem ato bring her to the factory....abuela p called rodrigo to stop cd from seeing paola...
Rodrigo called paulina to his office and told her all about it then cd came...then guess what...paola had arrived...
paola had made thing cannot stands it and walk away...paulina still try to advice paola...paola insist to work at the factory and she want them to give her a car for handicapped people(imported from usa).
Paola met willy in his room...willy said she is still beautiful but pity she is handicapped...they have a chat...
Paola said that she believed that willy is not going to share the money with estefania...she also said that she is no longer interested with willy...paola left the room....asked elvira to find gema but if she saw gema with cd...just left gema and they will take a cab...
In paulina's office(actually rodrigo and cd's room)....
paulina told that gema is having lunch with cd and said that is it what paola always want...paola answer yes and she rather let gema take her husband than let paulina with him...
she said that paulina will never get cd..
Paola left with the evil elvira....rodrigo enters and said to paulina that paola will never change...paulina still defends her sister and told rodrigo that the reason why paola acted like that bcoz of she is still in unstable condition...and she needs attention..
Meanwhile gema influence cd(once again)...she advised cd to send carlitos to boarding school so that he can forget about paulina and not her anything....
she said that what cd sees in paulina is the same that he saw in paola...paulina is like the shadow of paola..
cd (once again) agreed with gema.they both went back together..Elvira and paola standing near the window and watching cd and gema outside the house.
Paola bet to elvira that they both will kiss each other.
Elvira asked,did'nt she afraid of losing her husband?..Paola said that she rather lose him to gema than giving him to paulina...

WEEK 3(8 OCT - 12 OCT)

Edmundo met paulina and asked her to having dinner with him.Paulina agrees in condition that she will bring carlitos and edmundo must call her paola.
Then they having dinner.Carlitos felt sleepy and keep yawning and then he asked whether they both had finished eating or not.They both left the table and walk to the lift..carlitos enters into the lift first while edmundo holding paulina hands to say goodbye.
Meanwhile cd already made a decision that from now on he the one who controls his life not others.Gema enters paola room and told paola taht she had looking for her everywhere.she also tell her that she had advised him about his life and convinced him not depending too much on paulina.she also advised cd to divorce paola.paola gets angry and call gema a traitor...gema said that she felt sorry for him.
cd told rod about his plan then paulina enters the said to paulina that its time for him to move on and start a new life.he said he going to send carlitos to baording school.paulina thinks its a good said that it's time to move on and paulina should leave mexico and start a new life...they both should choose their own path...
while talking both of their eyes had tears...
cd said to paulina whether she knew or not how much he loves her..paulina say yes and she also asked cd whether he also know that she loves him too...
cd said yes...(the best scene ever).
paulina says that their love are prohibited.and they both shake hands(the symbols of the end of a relationship and saying goodbye)paulina left the room..
cd eyes burst into tears....paulina lean against the door and said to herself that this is the best solutions for both of them....

willy come home and heard the conversation between fidelina and abuela he knows that fidelina is estefania real mother...
willy went to estefania's room (without fidelina and AP notice it)and said to estefania that Fidelina AP is waiting for him downstairs.estefania left and willy smiling and said to himself that estefania did not know what she dealing with...
AP advised estefania not to trust willy...and she left when estefania not listen to her advised...

while having dinner with the told AP that he has make decision to start a new life and he is going to send carlitos to boarding school.he said that finally he followed an advised from a woman that not pretends to be smart.gema smile and look at paola...
paola felt annoyed and raised her voice to gema and said that what had happen to the deal between them to destroy the barchos...she also said that no one can take her husband neither gema nor lausurpadora, no one as long as she lives!
AP left the table and bring lisette with also left the table and he said he should leave them both to argue with each other.Paola said that look the queen had left,the king also followed and only the princesses left to stay.

Meanwhile edmundo had proposed to paulina but paulina said that she does not love him.but ed asked paulina to think about it first.
Paulina had advised carlitos that he should study at the boarding school and carlitos agreed.
Paulina had told cd that she had persuade carlitos and he agreed.Cd wants to buy carlitos things and asked paulina not to use her money and send him the bills.He did not wants paulina to spend her money on carlitos.Paulina inform cd that she will get married,cd asked who that person is but paulina does't not say so.

AP is resting in the yard while reading a come to her and told AP that he had asked paulina to stay away from them and asked her to get married.AP gets angry and said that she wants to put her hands on said that paulina already have someone in her life.
AP asked who that man was?cd said that his instinct said that it would be edmundo but AP said maybe it's THe young man whom paulina met at the remembers about the picture that he found in paulina's bedroom(paola's)..but he said its not him.
gema had asked paola to join her and cd to watch the theater.paola gets angry when he found out that paola also going with them.
meanwhile ed is having dinner with paulina and carlitos.Ed said that the dinner is for celebrating carlitos admisson to the boarding school(yalah tu).Then paola, cd and gema also come to the same restaurant.Paola saw paulina having dinner with ed and carlitos at another table..paola said to cd..look my twin sister having a dinner with carlitos and usurpadora already had a boyfriend(she said that just to annoy cd)cd face turns red...

cd said thers's nothing unusual about that,beside edmundo is paulina's lawyer. Then cd went to meet paulina,carlitos and edmundo at their table.Carlitos saw his dad coming to their table.Paulina look surprised and edmundo asked cd to join them.Then gema come to interfere(she had warns paola not to go near the table).When cd left,gema take a sit,carlitos saw paola(behind her back) with cd,and asked paulina who is the woman with his dad.Gema almost reveal the secret when she said is the woman that carlitos saw look familiar? She keep saying taht until paulina interfere and told gema to shut up!.Finally gema left...
At the bracho's mansion,Gema standing infront of the stairs...paola is beside her...Paola once again try to annoy cd..she said that now cd already knew paulina's just smile and do not want to talk to them anymore.He went upstairs and enters his beloved AP room.He told AP about his meeting with paulina when he went out with both gema and paola.AP gets angry when she found out that cd went out with explain but AP said that she believe gema and paola are collobaratel with each other.
Cd told about paulina and edmundo.Ap said its mean nothing but cd insist that edmundo is the one taht paulina wants to get marry.All this time paulina had keep their relationship as a secret and not telling him anything.

The next morning,paola the menace inform Ap about paulina's behaviour but fail to convince her because AP said that she knew paulina won't do such a thing.and she trust paulina.paola told gema about it and she really get angry because of her failure.
Meanwhile willy told estefania he want to go to la fabrica ans said that her brothers will regret if they try to cheat on him.
Paulina met patricia.she said that she got the feelings that something might happen if willy and cd met.
Patricia went to see estefania.Est. told her about willy, she really worried that willy will do something bad to her brother.Est try to find the gun and search it everywhere in her room but cannot find it.
Cd told about paulina to rod and paulina came in in middle of the conversation.Paulina explain about last night and said the dinner is to celebrate carlitos admission to boarding school.rod said that cd is the one should explain.then rod said that they both have the right to choose their own path.

While checking the said that he want to talk a walk...
CD then checking the inventori at the factory with the workers.Then willy comes..he ask the workers when did the auditor will turns around and saw willy...willy said what are you doing here....they both had a punch him and push him aside...willy push and punch cd push him down and willy take this chance..he took out his gun and..shot cd in the bleeding and felt down...

willy ran away...everyone panic...veronica told rodrigo about it....estela also inform estefania about it...rod asked veronica to call paulina.rod went to the factory saw his brother lying down unconcious...asked someone to callthe ambulance....ver inform paulina...she asked ver to told rod to bring cd to hospital where they treat carlitos...and she also asked her to call AP.fidelina answered the phone and told AP about it.AP went to the hospital with fidelina.

Gema drive in and saw paola a the yard....gema inform her about cd...the red devil laugh...gema face look puzzled(what happen to this woman..)..paola said that it is good bcoz if cd dies,she will be a single mother and heir to the cd's assets.
inside the brachos home...paola and gema meet AP and Fidelina.The red devil as usual...try to annoy the old woman(the kind hearted).she said that cd is gonna die and she laugh..and said all that she will get all the money...AP does'nt have time to talk to her and left....gema said to paola you're are out of your mind.and she left.
elvira said to paola its not good for her to do that...paola said what's wrong with she fall in love with cd?el said that cd is too young and handsome to die....paola said that you're on my side, are change your mind...elvira said no and she still on her side...

at the hospital,paulina meet rod...she calm down rodrigo and not to do anything stupid when rod said that he gonna kill willy (the silly).paulina said they have to be ready in case cd dies....
AP come to the hosp...The nurse try to avoid her from seeing cd but she insist to see her grandson..and said that she will take the full responsibility.
Cd lying down in the bed...holding AP hands..he said he glad AP with him...AP said every man needs a woman beside him..either his grandmother,mother,wife or girlfriend....
cd said what happen to him ..he felt pain in his stomach and he remembers that willy had shot him...he said to AP not to take any charge on silly willy...AP followed what he said...

Meanwhile willy is going to run away again...he took all est jewellery and money.est try to stop him.she asked paty to help her..paty try but willy slapped her on the cheek.then he left.est asked est not to told ro about it...paty said she does not have to worry about it..she won't told rod about it...

cachita asked lalita to take the tea to paola...lalita refuse but have to send it bcoz cachita said that she had another thing to do.
lalita when to paola's room.....meanwhile paola on the wheelchair reading the magazine....the mag fall..and paola stands up...and lalita walks in...and surprised to see the "devil you know" stands up...

You all should look at paola's face...mengelabah semacam je....she stand there like a "Dummy" know the mannequin....
but paola is a very very good pretender, she start to walk and pretend to felt down...she asked for lalita's help...lalita helps her and said that paola should't done it will jeorpadize her....
paola said she just learn how to walk and one day she will surprised everybody that she can walk again.she warns kakita not to tell anyone about it...and if she finds out that lalita told others, she will get into trouble...she may get fired!she forced laita to swear not to tell anyone...lalita have to do it....lalita left...
elvira comes in...paola scold her bcoz she does not lock the door...but elvira said that she is the one who should the door...

meanwhile at the hospital,cd is slowly recover....AP take good care of him(what a grandma)rod pay him a visit....
and advised cd to take a vacation outside agreed.rod told that willy had run said that's good bcoz he does not want to take willy to the police...he do not want a scandal involved anymore...
rod angey but he have to agree with cd....

paola call fidelina and asked her about cd.when she found out that AP is still not coming back,she thought that cd is dying...she is laughing while saying it to fidelina...fidelina called paola a bitch!(ha dpt kau sebijik)...paola almost gets up fro the chair but elvira come to the rescue....fidelina walks out the room...
paola not satisfied and decide to pay cd a visit.elvira try to avoid her from doing that but paola insist to do so.elvira went to the kitchen and told fidelina about it.fidelina called the hosp and inform AP about it.
AP asked the nurse not to let paola in....the nurse agreed beside she know about paola in newspaper...AP said that paola is the devil....

Paola arrived...the nurse refuse to let her in. she said that she is cd wife and insist to see him....she asked about AP..the nurse said maybe she's already went home...the nurse explain that no one can visit cd for the moment and if she does not believe her she can asked the doctor.paola thought it's true that cd is dying, she laugh and left with elvira...

paulina had told about cd condition to carlitos and also about his fight with willy.she brought him to the hospital...carlitos saw his dad and told him that he knew everything and he hate now almost fully recover...

cd had a talk with paulina....he said that he will have avacation outside the mexico...and asked whether paulina will give him the permission to do so..paulina felt not very comfortable about that...but she said to cd maybe it's good for him...
gema also pay cd a visit and she also told that she also want to take a vacation and who knows that they both might see each other....

gema told the news to paola..she said that cd is recover and will take a vacation outside mexico...paola get shocked...her face turns red because it's not what she expected...

WEEK 4(15 OCT - 18 OCT)

AP and lisette when to the airport with cd.(CD is going to have vacation in monterrey).Lisette said that she will be lonely because carlitos has went to boarding school, her papito is going to leave her and her mom is acting weird since she in wheelchair.Ap said lisette need not to worry of it bcoz she always be there for her.
at the airport,lisette asked cd to buy her the wonder woman costume(i wonder what happen to the costume that paulina's had bought.)

Paola who already heard about cd's vacation from gema is going to adjourn the divorce.

meanwhile the new car (red in colour) has arrived.
Paola drive it the factory and try to annoy paulina nad cd by horns the car very loud...she do it over and over again..until she saw rod staring at her at the window and she look up and laugh....
Paulina paid for the car and asked rod not to tell paola.rod thinks that paulina is stupido (out of her mind).

Estefania receive letter from willy...which willy had written that he's sick and have flu...and ask est to send him money bcoz he does not have it anymore.est as usual been fool all over again...she really looks worry but what she doesn't know that willy is enjoying himself and having fun with another woman.

meanwhile paola try to bribe lalita(ini sorang lagi cam lalang)with 1000 pesos to tell her about cd's address and phone number.lalita finds it and give it paola and paola gave her the money.
she starts to send letter to cd..asking about the 1 million dollars....
before that paola had met her lawyer and said to him to adjourn the divorce until cd give her what she wants.she said she will sign the paper in one condition if she be given 1 milion dollars.

the lawyer met rod and rod refuse to follow what paola asked for. the lawyer said that if cd can pay for the car he must have alot of money and can pay paola.rod told the lawyer that paulina is the one who paid for the car not cd.the lawyer then left...
paulina comes in and said that she will give her money to paola but rod said that let paola stay at the brachos...

Paulina said to paola that the brachos do not have enough money to pay her 1 million dolars.Paulina offer paola 500 dolars in return to leave the brachos.Paola laugh and that she still insists 1 milion dolars. then Paola gets angry and said that they both have nothing to talk about.she hanged up the phone.Elvira walks in.Paola stands up and when she try to walk her feets cramp and elvira asked whether she just pretending or its real.Paola said that its real.Elvira took her to the bed.Paola said wht is that elvira changed.she said that maybe god have punish paola for what have she done.paola asked elvira not to betray her and told everyone that she can walk or she will take her eyes out.she asked elvira to make a tea for her...elvira bring her tea and paola asked whether elvira puts poison in it...elvira said no nad she know that paola can do anything that she wants.
Paola said that she never gets into trouble since she was a kid she can gets all that she wants.Elvira said maybe god just want to test her.Maybe what happen to her leg just now is because god punished her for pretending to be paralysed.Paola said elvira try to be a saint now..elvira said she don't maybe she had know paola better now.Lalita told paola that Ap finds about the letter but paola said lalita had nothing to worry about.
Meanwhile patricia advised esetefania about willy behaviour and said that estefania should let willy be independent and not depends on her.and she will regret about it later.willy call estefania and asked for the money.Estefania call paulina and said that she need the money.she wants 200 million pesos and she said that her money.Paulina said that if she gave her the money there will be nothing left for her when she wants all her money if she continuing spend the money on willy.Paulina said that she will asked rod about it.

meanwhile willy is left by his girlfriend because he has no money and they both have to stay at 1 star hotel.

Before that osvaldo stop by at the la fabrica.he said that he wants a job and he wants to change his life not to depends on others especially woman to support her.Paulina gave him the job as sales manager.Paulina asked for rodrigo approval and rod said he trust paulina.and osvaldo start working tomorrow.

meanwhile gema start to take a vacation and heard that cd is in monterrey.
in monterrey cd and isabel kiss then he saw paulina face and his face look so called paulina and said that he miss her so much.Paulina said that cd should start a new life and get along with man and said that if that what she wants he will follow her advised.They both hanged up the phone.Paulina cry and said taht it's only alie. it's good for both of them.
cd proposed to isabel......
Isabel reject the proposal and said that its kind of rushing decision.She wants cd and her to become friends first until they both really fall in love with each other abd cd already forget about other woman (paulina).
Gema stop by at the same restaurant. she smile when she saw cs with isabel and went to interupt the lovebirds.Cd looks surprised( u all should notice that gema and isabel look alike).Gema and isabel try to annoy each other and cd caught in the middle of the did not want gema to told anyone about him and isabel.gema said maybe she should tell paulina about it. cd face turned red.Isabel said that a woman wil tell everyone about it.Gema said that she also can keep a secret.

meanwhile rod asked paulina about osvaldo.paulina telling the truth that osvaldo is her ex boyfriend.Paulina had told rod about her suggestion to paola.
then rod and pat pay a visit to AP.Rod told Ap about paulina giving her money to paola.AP said there is nothing they can do about it because its paulina's money.Pat told AP that ed had proposed paulina and did not accept it.Before that rod had said to Ap that there is nothing left for paulina if she wants to start a new life because all the money had been given to paola.

Pat called estefania and said that she cannot come to her house bcoz she had something else to do.Est said that it is ok and she said (with a smile, she nuts guys)that willy has come back.Pat kind of worry about it but est said that she happy that willy has returns.then pat hanged up the phone and rod said that why is that she look serious. pat told rod about willy returns and rod gets angry and said that both est and willy is the same.Pat also said that she worry that est is going to be crazy.because she cannot control herself and sometimes she lost her mind.

Est went to la fabrica.she walks in to rod office and and told him that she wants to have ameeting and fire all the auditors(yea she really going nuts).Rod thinks that est is out of her mind, he said that est must think that he gives bribe to the auditors.Est said its not what she thinks but she doesn't trust the auditors(yea, of the screw has missing).Rod said he wouldn't agree with her but will not stop her from having the meeting and fire the auditors but she have to pay them with her money.Est said she doesn't care about it, she still wants to fire them.

Paulina comes in and met est. paulina try to make rod calm down and follow what est wants.est walks out.Paulina said that she will follow est. Est walk into the room where all the auditors bz audit and checking the accounts and she just yell(nuts,nuts) and said that everyone was fired.paulina walks in and surprised to see est behaviour.
Paulina told rod about est and said that she thinks est is going to be crazy(loca).paulina said that est might had hurts rod os much. rod said yes... his own sister really hurts him so much and it's will not easy to recover....

before that paola had asked lalita to find est and willy's address and then she gave her money for the information.paola asked elvira to go with her.They both waited outside willy and est's house.elvira saw a car park infront of the house.she told paola.paola said it was willy.willy surprised to see paola and went to her car.they have a discussion and paola asked elvira to get out from the car so that and willy and her can talk privately.they both discuss to team up and destroy the brachos.

pat pay a visit to Ap and told about est's behaviour.She also told that she thinks est is going to be..AP interupt"do you think that my granddaugher is going to be loca?". Pat feels bad about it and said that she thinks about it bcoz est has lost her mind, sometimes she happy talking about willy sometimes her voice sounds angry.
Ap said that she should stop taliking about est bcoz fidelina will come to bring the coffee.AP explain taht she should know that fidelina is the one who raised her since she was a kid.

pat understand and stop talking about it.Fidelina comes in and bring the coffee.Then the evil paola(red satan)standing at the door infront of them...lisette who wearing costume (i thinks its a dog bcoz AP said whoof whoof with her)and stay beside pat said that "look mamita is walking" AP,fidelina and patricia face shocked .....

Paola stood infront of them (with her red dress as usual)she poses like a model(try to annoy everyone).
She asked what they all think about the surprise that she had showed to is a miracle isn't it? she asked about Ap opinion.AP is really angry and said that she is lying amd it is not a miracle.all this time they all have been fooled by paola.pat try to make AP calm down.Ap asked paola to get out from the house.Paola said that as long as she still cd's wife, she has the right to live in the house.AP said that it's her house but paola insist that cd gave her the house when they both got married.

paola asked elvira to support her that it's really a miracle.elvira look scared and have to agree with paola and so does lalita.
Ap really gets angry and asked lalita to pack all her things.then paola walks away proudly.pat said maybe its really a miracle but ap said that paola has fooled everyone and also paulina who had made fool sacrifice.
AP had called rod and told about paola.then rod called paulina and said that he had someting to talk about. Paulina arrived at la fabrica and rod had told her everything.paulina as usual said that maybe it's really a miracle and rod didn't understand why paulina still believe in paola.

before that cd met gema at her hotel's room.gema said that she's been expecting him.gema said that he maybe did not wants paulina to know about him and isabel and cd said yes.after cd left gema called paola and inform her about cd and isabel.Paola happy to hear about it and went to meet AP in her room.She told AP everything and AP does not believe her, They had an argument and AP seem did not want to pay attention to her anymore.Ap asked paola to get out from her room.paola walks out proudly.

meanwhile isabel suggest to cd that they both should leave monterrey. cd agreed.

Paola went to the factory.Blanca surprised to see paola can walks.then she walks in the office and met paulina and rod.Paulina try to calm down rod.rod really gets angry and paola had told about cd and isabel to paulina.paulina's face turns red but she just says that she happy to hear about it.paola still insist about the money and did not accept paulina's offer.

paola then went to met willy at the coffee house. willy is surprised to see paola can walks.paola said to willy that all this time she just pretending to be paralysed so that she can stay at la casa bracho. they both had a talk and paola said that how about they burn the factory and willy smiling and agreed. paola asked willy to find someone that can do it for them.

meanwhile elvira feel bad about what had happen and decide to told AP about it.Elvira explain that she had misunderstood about paola and thought that all the family want to destroy her and that's why she helping her.she also reveal the secret that paola just pretending to be paralysed.AP really gets angry when she finds out about the whole truth.elvira does not realize that paola who just come back from seeing willy has heard about the conversation,Paola said that elvira will pay for this.Elvira went to see paola and ask lalita whether AP had told paola what she had inform her and lalita said no.
elvira said to paola that she wants to get paid and already get her job back at the clinica.Paola said that she fel sad eventhough lately elvira had betray her.
she said that they both will go to the bank to withdraww the money to pay her.she asked elvira to pack all her clothes.

elvira walks out the room.Paola called willy and said that whether he already get what she asked for.she said that 3 thousand pesos is great(she had planned to ask somebody to beat elvira so that she will learn a lesson for betraying her).

paola driving the car with high speed.elvira look scared and try to ask paola not driving too fast.but paola refuse and increase her speed.she told elvira that she will take her to a place and she's in hurry.then she turns to elvira nad yell at her and said that she should praised elvira for revealing her secrets to AP.
elvira face look really scared and she try to grab the stereng and paola try to push her and they both try to grab the stereng.paola lost control of the car and the car went down the hill. we saw elvira been thrown out from the car and the car explode.....

WEEK 5(22 OCT - 26 OCT)


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