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1 episode
Introduction by Rose Marie

Who's Who...
Aurora and Nicolas are in a car accident. Aurora dies and the widower Nicolas, and his mother, Paz, have raised Cielo and her younger sister Brisa, together.

Cielo, probably age 24 or thereabouts, is an independent young lady that is ambitious regarding education and the idea of growth and development, and is engaged to Sergio the town doctor. He is handsome, tall and on paper, is a excellent candidate for the town's leading citizen's daughter.

Adelaida is Sergio's mother, and is so anxious for the two to marry, that she asks the town priest to go talk to Cielo about setting a wedding date and getting on about the business of making her a grandmother.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Brisa is in love secretly with Sergio. She is young, lazy, cute, flirty and looks very young... more like she is in junior high. She must be about 20 since the death of mother took place in 1980. Brisa's "public" boy friend is Ren. Her best friends are Abigail and Maria Fernanda (Marif).

Nicolas's good friend is the sleazy Luciano. Aurora and Nicolas had gone to visit Luciano and his battered wife, Alma. They were on their way home from their house when the accident happened.

Luciano and Alma have 2 children... the above mentioned Ren and his scholarly and nerdy brother Augustn. Luciano is always hurting for money and hitting up Nicolas, who repeatedly rescues Luciano. He owns a taverna/restaurant in town.

Luciano doesn't know it but Alma has a lover. Alma plans to leave Luciano and the children. Her lover is Sandro (villain extra ordinaire, boo hiss, throw rotten fruit... the nasty man who killed Precisosa's mother). He promises her the moon stars and skies (men are soooo rotten) and specifically, that they will get her children back.

by Katia (a really quick recap):

The story starts back in 1980, when Nicolas and Aurora get in a car accident and Aurora dies. Twenty years later: in the city of San Carlos, arrives a millionaire, Marco Duran, with the intention to build a hotel there. He goes to the beach with his friend, Lazaro, to observe the best spot for his future hotel.

At the same time, Cielo goes to the beach for a swim. Marco spots Cielo at the beach and falls in love, at first sight. Later, he meets her at the store and tells her that she is more beautiful than he imagined, she has such a beautiful eyes and he saw her other day at the beach. However, Cielo is very annoyed with him, she doesn't like him at all, thinks he is just a "patan" and leaves, furious.

Marco finds out that her name is Cielo Montalvo and she is a daughter of Nicolas Montalvo, a respected businessman in the area. He comes to Nicolas' office and tells him that he wants to marry Cielo. At this moment, Cielo enters the room.



2 episode
by Danny

Marco Duran asks Senor Montalvo to marry his daughter Cielo. Cielo is furious and says she is a woman and can make her own decisions. Her boyfriend Sergio is hounding her to marry him, and Sergio's mom asks the local priest to have a talk with Cielo to further encourage her to marry Sergio.

Brisa and her amigas go to the beach. One of Brisa's (Cielo's lil sister) friends, Marife, likes Renee (one of the sons of the guy who Alma left to go to New York with Sandro, and is mad because Brisa keeps teasing and flirting with Renee. But Brisa is in love with Sergio, who she can't have. Later Brisa tells her grandma that she is in love with someone she can't have, but says it is Ricky Martin when her grandma presses the issue.

Meanwhile Marco Duran is going around town digging for info on Cielo. He goes to the bar owned by the guy Alma left, and he tells Marco about Cielo and the rest of the Montalvo clan, and how Sergio is Cielo's boyfriend. Marco pays a strange visit to Sergio, where he says he just wanted to meet Sergio. Sergio is weirded out. He later tells Cielo about it and she gets PO'd.

At a mayor's office, Luciano is talking with the mayor while the secretary brings in drinks. When she hears the name Marco Duran she drops the tray, and dreamily thinks of Marco for the rest of the day.

In New York, Alma is crying and Sandro asks her if she took care of the client, and that he has another one lined up. She says she is tired, but Sandro doesn't care, and Alma laments her life. Meanwhile, Luciano is having probs with his other son, who is frail looking and into poetry and classical music, which his dad does not like at all.

Meanwhile Marco Duran is preparing a champagne dinner for Cielo. She arrives furious and tells him she has a boyfriend etc, and storms out. Later Marco is talking with the mayor and says he wants to invest in the town of San Marco, but it turns into a grilling for info about the Montalvo family. Marco also talks on the phone with his girlfriend Miranda who says she misses him etc. (in a rather fake voice) and Marco tries to blow her off, saying he has business to attend to. Later Marco intends to go out and opens his hotel door to find the doctor (Sergio) standing at it."



3 episode
by Gaviota

Marco intends to go out and opens his hotel door to find the doctor (Sergio) standing at it. Sergio tells Marco to leave his novia alone, that they are going to be married this year and that he (Marco) should leave town as soon as possible. Sergio is quite forcefull and not at all calm. He leaves thinking that he has just put Marco in his place. Marco remains determined to marry Maria del Cielo because if Sergio is that determined to defend her, it only means she vales mucho.

Brisa (Cielo's younger sister) is sad to hear that the wedding date is set for this year, because she is in love with Sergio herself. Of course, she tells her friends, but not her sister.

Cielo finds out Sergio went to see Marco and reclamar him about molesting her. (Molestar in spanish means bother for those who thought otherwise). She is annoyed that he did this because she believes she can take care of herself.

Senor Mendola shows Marco some land. While it is very beautiful and suitable for his hotel, it is very high priced. Marco goes to visit the town mayor or manager and asks about the land, what it is worth, etc. He also wants help in planning a party for the town, so they get to know him and stop seeing him as a stranger. He arrives when the secretary is out of the office and goes in to see the mayor directly. When the mayor calls his secretary (Raquel) in, she sees Marco and is stunned. He, on the other hand, shakes her hand and is introduced to her without showing any sign he knows her. The mayor says his wife will be glad to help with the party. Marco leaves and Raquel talks to herself, saying, yes, he is the father of my daughter.

Back in DF, Marco's girlfriend is looking for houses to live in when he returns.

Cielo teaches catechism class, but the children want to know is it true that the doctor gave Marco many blows to defend her.

Everyone is talking of the party. Those who plan on going because they are bored and want to see something new and find out what is going on. Those who don't plan on going, including Cielo's and Sergio's family who feel they have been insulted.

Marco sees Cielo on a boat (don't ask me who's) and tells her that he is giving the party in her honor. So that all the town will see that he respects her and never meant to cause any problems. She is not buying it and spits fire at him. He is enchanted witht the brilliance of her eyes and makes the mistake of telling her so. He says he wants to be friends, since he is going to be here for a while building the hotel. She still doesn't buy it.

The night of the party arrives. Brisa sneaks out out along with Raquel's daughter and the mayor's daughter, I think. I also think Raquel's brother is in love with Cielo. Raquel's daughter has seen Marco on the street and thinks him the most handsome in the world.

Marco hears the story of Cielo's mother's death and how Cielo has helped her father and raised her sister. He is very impressed with what he hears of her.

Marco is waiting for Cielo to come to the party when he seen the girls enter and two walk off leaving Raquel's daughter Abigail alone. He walks over to her and tells her that he hates to see a beautiful woman alone and would she like to dance?


4 episode
by Katia

They go dancing together, but Carlota jumps in to introduce her daughter, Marif, to Marco. Later, she tells her husband, the mayor, that it would be so nice if Marco marries Marif, as she "is a much better match for him than the Moltalvos' daughter."

Abigail talks to Marco and finds out that he is single, she is very happy to hear that.

Brisa is with Ren, she is obviously bored, but Marif is very unhappy watching them together. Ren announced to girls that he and Brisa are novios. Marif runs away in despair, and Brisa wonders what's wrong with her.

Marco is still waiting for Cielo to show up. He tells Lazaro that she will come over at least to get Brisa home. But he is obviously upset.

Back at the Montalvo house - the family and Sergio are having a dinner together. Cielo walks in Brisa's room and finds out that Brisa is not there. She figures Brisa went to the party. She asks Sergio to go and bring Brisa home.

Far away, in Las Vegas, Alma is being terrorized by Sandro.

Sergio shows up at the party, Brisa is dancing with Ren. Sergio wants to take Brisa home, but she says she will go home only if he dances with her. He thinks it's just a joke, but to pacify her, he dances with her, anyway.

Marif invites Ren for a dance, and Abigail asks Marco to dance.

While dancing, Sergio again starts insisting that they leave. Marco overhears it and tells Sergio that Brisa has more right than everybody else to be at this party, as it's in honor of her sister, Cielo. Sergio tries to hit Marco, everybody is calming them down.

Back at the Montalvo house, Cielo is worried, wondering why it takes Sergio so long to return. She calls his mother, Adelaida who becomes worried about Sergio, too.

Marco is very upset that Cielo didn't show up, he leaves the party to get some fresh air, thinking "What a woman!"

by Joyce Ellen

Brisa finally lets Sergio drag her away from the fiesta. He's chewing her out in the car while taking the scenic route by the beach. She says something like "stop the car," and he does. Brisa jumps out and runs on to the beach with Sergio in hot pursuit. He catches up with her.

She asks, "Do you really love my sister?"
He goes, "What a question! Of course, I love Cielo!"
"Pues, y'all don't seem to have much passion going on between you."
"Of course we have passion, what a thing to say!"

Brisa coyly runs into the ocean up to her knees. Sergio runs in after her getting his pants all wet and grabs her arm. They have some words back and forth. (Are you trying to drown yourself? No, Silly, my feet were hot and I just wanted to cool them off.) Then, all of a sudden, Brisa jumps at Sergio like a flying fish, and flings her arms around his neck and plants a big one on him, just like a big ol' kissing fish. While she's hanging on to his neck in a lip lock with him, he's thinkin', "No puede ser! Esta es la hermana de mi novia!" But
finally, Brisa's youthful beauty and exuberance wears him down and he returns her kisses with gusto.



5 episode
by Rose Marie

At the fiesta: snotty Carlotta wants Marife to go home now. Marife doesn't want to but she finally agrees but will drive Abigail home. Carlotta forbids it but Marife does it anyway. Later at the fiesta Carlotta is telling her husband the mayor and another man that Marife is dancing with Marco. She further states it could be a potential match. The mayor says with alarm "He is old enough to be her father". Carlotta dismisses that reality. The next day Carlotta makes some comments to Marife about her and Marco being a potential match. Marife is not pleased. Carlotta drags Marife to Marco's hotel room on Sunday morning and invites him and Lazaro to accompany them to Mass. He agrees to go, but I am sure for non-religious reasons. After mass she asks Marco to accompany the family to breakfast. He declines and leaves. Carlotta is frustrated and blames Marife for his leaving because she doesn't carry on a conversation with him.

**********BACK TO THE BEACH THE NIGHT BEFORE***ok, now Sergio and Brisa evidently had carnal knowledge of one another since we had a clue with the fireworks in the background (like we need a hint huh?) Brisa keeps saying "I am yours." Sergio walks away from her and returns to car.

******* THE MONTALVO FAMILY: They arrive at the Montalvo house . He looks guilty. Cielo hugs her and comments she "feels hot" Brisa looks super guilty and Cielo sends her to bed. Sergio tells this story that Brisa insisted on getting out of the car and going down to the beach and he had to follow her of course. Cielo kisses him and thanks him admitting that Brisa is capricious and impulsively child-like at times. (Very dramatic music in back ground with a very worried Sergio allowing Cielo to hug and kiss him.) Cielo goes into Brisa's room. Brisa wants to know "What did he tell you?' Cielo responds that he told her about the stop at the beach. Brisa is thinking one thing and Cielo another thing. We see Sergio saying "Thank goodness her sister is nothing like her...stupid, imbecile". Brisa is thinking "I know he loves me" with the confidence of youth. The next morning at breakfast Nicolas is very angry. He is scolding Brisa at breakfast. He announces that Brisa will be send to boarding school for a year. Maybe a school can do something that the family failed to teach Brisa!!! Brisa protests and whines. Paz and Cielo protest but Nicolas stands firm. Brisa runs out of run crying. Paz and Cielo try to console Brisa but Brisa whines and pouts. Cielo tries to intervene but Nicolas sternly tells her to not argue this with him as he has made up his mind.Brisa evidently manages to leave the house as she confronts Sergio on the street. "Why didn't you tell her?" she whines. He stiffly tells her nothing happened to tell. "Huh?" she says. He continues "It was craziness. I am not losing the woman I love over a meaningless act. Regardless of how you feel I am marrying your sister.""You can't love her. I know you love me. You showed me you loved me.""No, I acted like a jerk. I am embarrassed." "But you were my first!!!!" Forget it" and he walks away. Brisa then goes to Abigail's house. Abigail is too gaa-gaa over Marco to be sympathetic to Brisa's whining so Brisa leaves in disgust. At home Brisa finds Renee waiting for her. He kisses her and Cielo sees them. Renee reveals they are novios much to Cielo's surprise. Brisa tells Renee about the boarding school. Later Paz and Cielo are telling Brisa to hurry up because Sergio has arrived to take them to Mass. After a service in which Sergio and Brisa are looking very guilty, Cielo and Sergio ask the priest to marry them at the end of the month. After Brisa had been sent to bed the night before, Sergio had told Cielo that he could not wait to marry her and that he wanted to Marry the next day. Cielo could not get a satisfactory answer from him as to why. She agreed to marry him at the end of the month so as to have some time for the plans. Well, Brisa is standing next to them and hears them tell the priest that they want to marry at the end of the month...Brisa says very loudly "NOOOOOOO, you can't get married."

*******At RENEE's HOUSE ***Angry Luciano wakes up Renee scolding him for going to Marco's fiesta. Renee tells him that now he and Brisas are novios. Luciano changes moods immediately and is very happy because Renee marrying Brisa one days means $$$$.

******** BACK IN MEXICO CITY at Sergio's mistress apartment. Miranda is looking at a bridal magazine. Her sister Sonya walks in and comments on the magazine. Miranda asks her if she is questioning her looking at the magazine. Her sister responds that she is questioning the notion of Miranda wearing a white wedding dress. Miranda tells Sonya she is jealous. "It is not my fault you never married" she retorts. Sonya tells her that she did not marry because she did not want to. Miranda shoots back "Yes, you never got the opportunity." Later Miranda calls Marco in San Carlos. First thing Marco asks her "Do you need money? If you do call my secretary for some." She protests that she called because she misses him soooooo much and that it is cold and loney in bed at night. More lovey talk and it ends.

*********RAQUEL-DAVID-ABIGAIL HOUSEHOLD Raquel is down by the waterfront walking around rehearsing in her head how to tell Marco that they have a daughter when snotty Carlotta walks up to her. She tells Raquel that she really missed a party the night before. Why did she not go. Raquel tells her that she doesn't like parties. Carlotta goes on with great exaggeration how Abigail was the life of the party. Well, like Brisa, Abigail was forbidden from attending and Raquel really lays into Abigail when she gets home. She grounds her and confines her to the house for the entire day. The little brat gets very lippy and defiant and threatens to leave home and live on her own! Later her brother David is trying to reason with the twit about how Mother is right. Abigail states that mother should have married a rich man long ago. David reminds her that mother did not want to saddle them with a step father and choose not to remarry. Abigail is still angry and shouts that she is tired of Mother's rules. Raquel goes looking for Marco at his hotel but Marco is out and she leaves without leaving a message. Later Abigail refuses to go to mass with Raquel and David. After Mass, as Marco walks away from the mayor wife and daughter, Raquel approaches him. She asks him if she remembers him and he slowly responds "Raquel?"

********In Las Vegas the victimized Alma receives an orchid. Sandro gives her the telephone. At that moment Texas weather station talked over the dialog about foul weather somewhere and I could not hear who she spoke with. Later Raphael comes over and says admiring things to her. He tells her he is going to try to win her affection. Disbelief on her face!

********MARCO AND CIELO ....Lazaro is annoyed with Marco for chasing after a woman who refuses to see him, has verbalized no interest and is engaged to another. With cocky self confidence Marco announces " I know women. She will come around" Lazaro is not amused! At the Montalvo home, Cielo and Paz are discussing Brisa's immaturity. Paz is telling Cielo that Brisa has a heavy heart and something is tormenting her. Cielo accuses her of exaggerating. "What can possibly cause a heavy heart in such a child" Paz tells her not to be so patronizing and dismissive. Ring a ling a ling ...... surprise, surprise...Marco arrives. He is carrying a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Cielo immediately assumes they are for her but he corrects her and tells them that they are for Paz. Paz graciously accepts them while Cielo steams. They go back and forth...why don't you like are arrogant and presumptuous why do you resist me, I do not like you, give me a chance, no I am marrying another etc etc.... Marco meets Nicolas on the way out of the house. They rehash Marco's attempts to woo Cielo. Inside Nicolas tells Cielo she can't escape him as he purchased land from Mr. Mandiola and he will be in town for a long time.



6 episode
by Laura

After church Cielo and Sergio announce they are setting a date for their wedding. Brisa is really desperate, because now a wedding is imminent. In front of everyone, Brisa tells Sergio that they can't get married, and asks him to tell everyone why. A moment of confusion, and Brisa runs off, crying. Cielo and Sergio meet with the priest and set a date for the end of the month.

Marco attends church with the mayor's family, and Raquel gets up the nerve to walk up to Marco and asks if he remembered her. Marco says, "Oh, you're (mayor's name) secretary," but that was all. He didn't remember her from a long-ago relationship, and Raquel was hurt.

Various dialogues take place regarding Brisa and Rene becoming novios. Nicholas and Luciano talk, and others discuss Brisa's constant crying and depression. Rene and Brisa take a drive and Brisa tells Rene that she is in love with Sergio. Rene is mad--not because he's jealous, but his real interest seems to be financial gain. His father, Luciano, not only supports it but may be the driving force behind Rene's pursuit of Brisa. In a huff, Rene drives her home and Nicholas confronts her as to why she hadn't mentioned the novios thing before.

Brisa's friends know she loves Sergio, but they aren't much help to her. Marife is getting mad because Rene doesn't like her, and Abigail is all googly-eyed for Marco. They all like guys who don't like them--go figure!

Sandro and Alma are in Vegas. She meets with Rafael, who seems to genuinely like her. She is nice to him, but she doesn't know if she can trust him. Maybe Rafael will be the one to eventually rescue her from that pimp Sandro.

Marco hires some musicians to serenade beneath Cielo's window. She realizes it was Marco's doing, and tells him that she would soon be Sergio's wife, so get over it, get out of Dodge, etc. She is livid mad. She throws a bucket of water on the musicians and they leave. (For those who haven't seen this particular scene, it was really quite funny.)

Marco and Lazaro say adios to the mayor and leave for home. During the past several days, however, Carlota has been trying to push MariFer on him. So the mayor arrives home and says that Marco had left. Carlota is furious, because she had spent all day making MariFer look beautiful for Marco, but he was already gone!

Marco arrives home and goes to Miranda's apartment. She is ready for him and he doesn't resist her--like he is trying to forget Cielo. Miranda's sister Sonia walks in on them kissing.

Cliffhanger: Brisa goes to confession and tells the priest what happened between her and Sergio. They talk about whether it's really love; she says it is, he says it isn't, etc. At the end of the capitulo, the priest feels strongly enough to visit Sergio and confront him about the situation with Brisa.



7 episode
by Laura

The priest goes to Sergio's office to confront him about Brisa. Sergio maintains that he loves Cielo. The priest says he needs to be honest with her about Brisa.

Brisa and Marife make up with each other about Rene. Marife seems glad that Brisa told Rene she didn't want to be novios, as it helps MariFer's cause with Rene. To help Abigail's cause, Marife asks her father for Marco's phone number in Mexico City. She doesn't get it.

Marco and Miranda have lunch. He talks about his trip. She says she wants them to get married. Marco repeatedly tells her that he doesn't need marriage in his life. Later on, however, he gets a phone call from a florist, who is calling about flowers for his wedding with Miranda. Marco says he has no clue what she is talking about. Apparently, while he was away Miranda had made wedding plans, even though they weren't engaged! He is mad at her, and she looks pretty foolish.

Sergio calls Brisa and wants to talk to her. Brisa is happy he called and goes to his office right away. She says she loves him, he tries to explain that the whole event on the beach was a mistake, blah blah...she says she will tell Cielo about the whole thing.

Cielo finds a photo of her and Brisa when they were young. She has it framed and gives it to Brisa as a gift. Brisa is appreciative, but it only makes it harder for her to decide whether to be honest with Cielo.

Cliffhanger: Sergio, in his sea of guilt, goes to Cielo's house. He admits that there has been another woman. He doesn't say who it is, but she's furious.



8 episode
by Laura

Cielo is really mad about the other woman, whoever she is. Sergio tries to reason with her, but she orders him to leave. Cielo talks with Mama Paz about it, and Sergio talks with his mother.

Miranda announces to Marco that they're expecting a baby. She isn't pregnant, but it's a ploy to get him to marry her. He doesn't bite, and wants to just give her money to support the child. She's somewhat insulted that he doesn't seem to care about their "child," but he does not want to marry her and tells her so.

Later, Miranda gets Sonia to call Marco to tell him that Miranda is sick. She isn't sick, and Marco knows it, but he agrees to come over. Miranda keeps on with the guilt trip about having a child together, etc., and he's getting pretty disgusted with her. The next day, she brings him the check he gave her and says adios. It works: as she is walking out, he tells her to wait. He gives in to her, and agrees to marry her.

In Vegas, Rafael asks Sandro if Alma has any family, and Sandro says no.

Luciano is up to no good with the seafood business. (Bilingual viewers, some of us need help with this.) He's involving his son Rene. My theory is that Luciano wants to control the business. Nicholas has no sons of his own, so Rene marrying Brisa will guarantee him a stake in the affairs. However, there is also something going on at the business end. Luciano may be "cooking the books" or something else to embezzle money, perhaps(? I don't know.)

Cielo is distraught over the otra mujer and doesn't know if the engagement should continue. She spends time thinking, talking to family members, etc. Adelaida practically begs her to forgive Sergio.

Cliffhanger: Cielo has made her decision. She marches in to Sergio's office to inform him, and promptly slaps him across the face.



9 episode
by Laura

After Cielo slaps him, she hugs him and it looks like they are back together. He is grateful and thanks her for going ahead with the wedding. Plans are made.

Now that Miranda has won Marco over, she wants to get married next month. She is happy, but Sonia isn't sure about what her sister is doing. Miranda takes Marco shopping for cribs for their "hijo," and Marco is uncomfortable about it.

Luciano gives Rene an envelope of money. Rene calls Brisa and wants to go somewhere, but she says no. Augustin sees the money and is nosy about why Rene has it, as well as why Rene has a small suitcase packed up--like he's going on a trip. Rene tells him to mind his own business.

In Las Vegas, a gringo gives Sandro a stack of money. He puts in into the room safe, and Alma sees him.

Brisa is sulking about , but to prove to Mama Paz that she's okay, she calls Rene back and says they can go out. He picks her up in his SUV, but not before Augustin has a chance to tell David about the money and suitcase. Suspicious of Rene's intentions, they follow Rene on motorcycle.

After they've been driving for a while, Brisa says she wants to go home. Rene finally tells her that he's kidnapping her until she agrees to marry him. During the dialogue in the car, she admits that she and Sergio had had sex. He takes her to a partway-abandoned house and locks them both inside, content to wait her out.

Brisa paces around like an animal and finds a hammer laying on a table. She throws it through the window. David and Augustin had recently arrived via motorcycle to rescue her. They come storming in. David fights Rene; David tells Augustin to take Brisa home. In the end, everyone is safe. Brisa doesn't tell her family what happened, however. Luciano is mad: Rene failed in his plot, and Augustin had helped make it fail by rescuing Brisa.

Abigail convinces the hotel desk employee to give her Marco's phone number. She calls him, but when he answers at his office in Mexico City, she gets scared and hangs up.

Cliffhanger: Cielo is trying on her wedding dress. Brisa finally decides to tell her the truth, and Cielo helps pry it out of her--that Brisa knows who Sergio's otra mujer is, and it's Brisa herself.



10 episode
by Laura

Cielo is speechless to learn that Brisa is the other woman. Mama Paz finds out soon after, and she is really disappointed with Brisa and her actions. At this point, Cielo, wearing her wedding dress, drives to Sergio's office in her minivan to confront him. It's not pretty--she slaps him and lets him have it: Brisa is a child, how could he do such a thing, blah's all over between them.

Luciano lies to Nicholas about some business matters.

Abigail calls Marco again. This time his secretary is there, and says that Marco is busy but offers to take a message. Abigail says to tell Marco that an amiga from San Carlos called. Later, when he gets the message, he thinks it's Cielo! He calls the Montalvo house and speaks with Mama Paz. At this point Marco doesn't know what has happened regarding Cielo, but under the circumstances Mama Paz doesn't let him talk to Cielo. She tells him that it was probably not Cielo who called.

Brisa asks Cielo for her forgiveness, and Cielo forgives her. Brisa wants to go see Sergio, but Cielo says no, that Sergio is now a dead issue to the Montalvos. Brisa practically throws a temper tantrum and ends up fainting. (The whole scene made my stomach turn--I am already sick of her.)

In Vegas, Alma convinces the bodyguard to let her go into Sandro's room (where the safe is). She had seen money and their passports there, but she can't get the safe to open.

Sergio goes to the priest. He wants the priest to intervene on his behalf. But the priest says no. Adelaida still does not know what has happened. Sergio goes to see Cielo, and tells her he is going to Mexico City.

Cliffhanger: Nicholas gets home from the office to find the family in disarray. Cielo announces to Nicholas that she's not marrying Sergio.

11 episode
by Laura

Cielo tells Nicholas that she and Sergio are not getting married, and that she doesn't love him. Nicholas doesn't believe her, and tries to convince Cielo that she and Sergio are really in love. But she says no, and feels it's best to not get married.

Marco wants to take Miranda to an OB/GYN. She had not prepared for this, and in a flustered manner tries to talk him out of it. He won't budge, and they go to have an ultrasound. The doctor can't see anything (because she is not pregnant), but says that sometimes early in the pregnancy the fetus might not show up on the ultrasound. For now, Miranda's secret is safe.

Brisa continues on with her crying and nonstop whining regarding her love for Sergio. Mama Paz tells her that she and Sergio will never be together. Marife and Abigail come to cheer her up, but Brisa is pretty upset. She confesses to them that she and Sergio had sex on the night of Marco's party. Later on, Rene visits and tries to kiss her. Brisa is trying not to be mean (considering that he kidnapped her!), but she is sort of turned off by him. She also talks with Cielo, and whining that she loves Sergio, and that he is the love of her life.

Sergio finally tells Adelaida that the wedding is off. She's speechless, and wants to talk to Cielo immediately. Sergio asks her not to, and Adelaida faints. In another conversation Sergio tells Adelaida that he is leaving San Carlos and will be moving to Hermosillo. Nicholas visits him later and vents his anger at what Sergio has done to Cielo. Nicholas does not know, however, that Brisa was Sergio's otra mujer. Cielo, Mama Paz, and Brisa herself are keeping it a secret from him.

Cielo visits Padre Ponciano. He reminds her that Sergio, too, has suffered through this ordeal. But she asks him to cancel the wedding anyway. She then visits Adelaida, who is crying and beside herself, but Cielo remains firm in her decision to not marry Sergio.

In Las Vegas, the bodyguard tells Sandro that Alma has been in his room. Sandro is no fool and immediately checks the contents of the safe. Everything is there, because Alma hadn't been able to open it--she did not have the code. He then storms into her suite where she is sleeping, and becomes violent with her.

A few minutes later, Rafael visits with an orchid for her. Sandro tells him that she's busy, and Rafael is sad that he can't see her. Later, Sandro leaves and Rafael uses his absence as an opportunity to visit her. He notices bruises on her arm (the work of Sandro earlier), and asks her about them.

Marco chats with Lazaro about Miranda's pregnancy, and tells him that the doctor couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. In a friendly way, Lazaro advises Marco to wise up--he tells Marco that Miranda is probably not pregnant and the whole "hijo" thing is a trick to get him to marry her. Marco seems surprised. He knows Miranda is a game-player, but he believed her about the baby. (Or did he always know she was lying?)

Adelaida visits Padre Ponciano, begging him to intervene and help Cielo and Sergio get back together. He can't, however, and must remain objective.

Cliffhanger: Adelaida sees Cielo again, and begs and pleads for her to take Sergio back. Cielo won't do it, and Adelaida passes out.



12 episode
by Laura

Adelaida's fainting spell turns out to be nothing. She's just upset that Cielo and Sergio aren't getting married. Meanwhile, Sergio is packing up to move. Adelaida begs and pleads with him not to move away. Ever since Cielo broke off the engagement, he has been in a continual state of shock and disbelief.

The situation at the Montalvo seafood company is continuing. Cielo, who works there part-time, is suspicious of some inappropriate activity based on information uncovered in company records. A shipment of seafood that was promised to a restaurant is missing. In reality, Luciano bribed a company employee to alter the shipment papers, and Luciano sold the seafood to someone else and pocketed the money. Cielo has figured out that the papers were changed and is furious. She doesn't know who is involved, but she intends to find out.

Brisa has sunk into a deep depression over Sergio. Cielo calls a doctor, who comes to the house to examine her. His diagnosis is that the Sergio situation has really affected her mental state, and prescribes some tranquilizers to help her sleep. While she is sleeping, Mama Paz takes the pills from her room--she doesn't trust that Brisa won't do something stupid.

Now that Lazaro has brought up the possibility that Miranda isn't pregnant, Marco is very suspicious and keeps asking her about going to the doctor. She visits a female doctor and asks her to lie--to tell Marco that she is pregnant and keep up her charade. The doctor refuses, and Miranda leaves all huffy.

Meanwhile, Marco pays Sonia a visit when Miranda isn't there. He asks Sonia who the doctor is, so he can pressure the doctor to be truthful about Miranda's "pregnancy." Sonia is uncomfortable, because Marco has put her on the spot. To protect herself and get rid of him, Sonia says that she doesn't know who Miranda's doctor is.

Miranda then goes to a male doctor, and asks him to lie about the pregnancy. This doctor says yes. Happy that she's found a doctor to lie, she then goes to see Marco, who has returned to his office. To cover up the fact that the female doctor wouldn't cooperate, Miranda tells Marco that the female doctor was out of town (a lie), so she went to another doctor (the male doctor). During the conversation, Miranda even has the nerve to challenge Marco that he doubted her pregnancy. He calmly explains that his intentions were only for her and the baby's welfare.

Abigail calls Marco but only gets through to his secretary. The secretary tells her that Marco is busy, that he's with his novia. After hanging up, Abigail cries--it never really occurred to her that he has a girlfriend.

Marco and Miranda leave his office to go out to lunch. On the way there, Marco makes an unplanned stop at the doctor who had performed the ultrasound. Miranda is stunned. She can't have Marco nosying around with any of the doctors, because he might learn the truth.

Cliffhanger: Brisa wakes up and hunts for the tranquilizers. Mama Paz had previously taken them from her room, but Brisa finds them in a drawer and takes the whole bottle. She then steps into the hot tub.



13 episode
by Laura

Mama Paz finds Brisa unconscious in the hot tub. An ambulance is called, and she is taken to the clinic where Sergio works. He ends up treating the overdose, and she will be okay. Nicholas and Cielo are called and rush to the clinic. Nicholas is told that Brisa has stomach problems--he is not told that she overdosed on tranquilizers.

While Nicholas isn't in the immediate area of the clinic, Cielo lashes out at Sergio and blames him for what happened. He tries to defend himself, but what can he say? Later, when Cielo is alone with Brisa in the hospital room, Sergio comes in. Brisa is happy to see him, and it pains Cielo to see Brisa so in love with a man who doesn't love her back. Nicholas knows that Brisa has feelings for Sergio, but he does not know that Brisa was Sergio's otra mujer.

Others come to visit Brisa throughout the day, including Marife and Abigail. While the three girls are alone together in Brisa's room, Brisa admits that she would rather die than go through life without Sergio. Cielo is standing outside and overhears their conversation, and decides what to do. She is extremely worried about Brisa, and wonders if Brisa might actually drop dead if she and Sergio are not together.

Luciano and Rene also visit the clinic. Since the kidnapping Brisa has been civil to Rene, but she's not overly nice to him. The kidnapping idea was really stupid--she definitely doesn't want to be his novia now. Luciano comes to the clinic, acting all concerned about Brisa's health. In reality, he's more concerned with kissing up to the Montalvo family. He wants Brisa to be his daughter-in-law, which would situate Rene well within the wealthy Montalvos, since Nicholas has no sons.

In Las Vegas, Rafael visits Alma and she tells him the truth about her life with Sandro in the U.S.--and her equally sad life back in Hermosillo. Rafael wants to rescue her, and they begin making plans. In a separate conversation, Rafael speaks with Sandro about buying Alma some jewelry. Sandro, who has dollar signs in his eyes and gambling debts, likes the idea. Rafael and Alma (with bodyguard in tow) go to buy the jewelry. Alma picks out a small piece, however. Later, Sandro is angry that she didn't pick out something huge and expensive.

At the Montalvo office the "missing" seafood situation continues, although Brisa's overdose has pulled the Montalvos away from the problem, at least for a while. Luciano meets privately with the employee who altered the shipment records, gives him a stack of money, and tells him that it's best to leave town for a while--at least until things calm down at the office.

Marco and Miranda are at the office of the doctor who performed the ultrasound a few days earlier (not the same doctor who agreed to lie for her). Marco insists that she get a real pregnancy test (i.e., have blood drawn). She's caught in her lie and she knows it, but she doesn't say anything and reluctantly plays along. The doctor draws a vial of blood from her arm. Later she is alone with him in his office. He tells her that she is not pregnant. She immediately begins crying, pretending she is depressed because she isn't pregnant. The doctor tells Marco the news. There is no way she will admit that she lied--she won't admit that she knew she wasn't pregnant. Instead, her new plan is to say that she really thought she was pregnant. Marco seems to know the truth, but he lets her act out her sadness. The two then go to lunch as planned, and she acts all depressed. The subject of the wedding is brought up, and Marco says that because she is not pregnant, he will not marry her. She is stunned. She was hoping that he would sympathize with her, but he knows she was tricking him into marrying her. No hijo, no boda.

Cliffhanger: Cielo goes to see Sergio in his office. Sergio is glad that she came to see him, but they are not getting back together. Instead, Cielo tells him that he must marry Brisa.



14 episode
by Laura

Sergio can't believe that Cielo, once the love of his life, is now insisting that he marry Brisa. He pleads with Cielo and tells her that Brisa is still a child, etc. Cielo reminds him that Brisa loves him. She won't give in, and tells him that he has to marry her.

In Las Vegas, Sandro tells Alma to go to her room. Alma goes to her suite, and slips in a card to keep the door from latching. Through a crack in the door, she watches him type in the safe code. Later on, she sings at the lounge while wearing a wig.

At Marife's house, plans are being made for Rene's birthday party. Marife is taking advantage of Brisa's absence, and hopes that throwing a surprise party for Rene will win him over. Carlota doesn't like the fact that Abigail is in her house. Abigail will never be good enough for her family.

Miranda calls Marco while he is at home. She wants to spend time with him, but he says he has to work. While he is asleep later that night, she goes to his house and slips into bed. He wakes up, wondering what she is doing there. She tells him that everything is fine, and seduces him. She doesn't have to twist his arm. The next morning, he's getting dressed to go to the office early. She wakes up and seduces him again. She never has to try very hard. *gag*

Sergio goes to Nicholas' office and asks for Brisa's hand in marriage. Nicholas is pretty upset--even though Sergio had an otra mujer, Nicholas just can't understand why he and Cielo are not getting married, and why it's so important for him to marry Brisa. He doesn't like the idea and says no.

Sergio then sees Cielo at the clinic and tells her that Nicholas said no to the marriage. Cielo was hoping her father would say yes. But to Sergio's dismay, she won't give up and says she will keep trying to convince Nicholas that the wedding should take place.

Brisa is still at the clinic. She has spent the night, and because Sergio is her doctor he goes in to see her. She tells him she loves him. Sergio, trying to be nice, tries to reason with her, explaining that she is so young, etc. There is no convincing her otherwise. Later, she is released and goes home.

Marco has gone to work and Miranda is still at his house. She wants him so badly. She calls his office and says there is something wrong with gas, and that he needs to come home immediately. He does, and is completely relieved that there is nothing wrong with gas. She had just said it so he would come home to eat lunch with her. He is irritated, and asks her not to lie like that again. She agrees, but is glad he is there.

Cliffhanger: Nicholas goes to talk with Brisa, and asks her why she is so in love with Sergio. After all, he doesn't love her back; it's Cielo he loves the most. He does tell her, however, that Sergio had come to the office to ask for her hand in marriage.



15 episode
by Laura

Brisa is happy that Sergio had asked her father if they could get married. Her joy is short-lived, however. Nicholas explains that he doesn't approve of the situation, and tells her the answer is no. He inquires about Rene, and just hearing his name frustrates her. She doesn't like Rene; she wants to be with Sergio.

Like many times before, Mama Paz talks with Brisa and reminds her that Sergio doesn't love her. Brisa tells Mama Paz that she needs her help to marry Sergio--Brisa just doesn't get it!

Sergio tells Adelaida that he will probably stay in San Carlos. She is pleased, but he then drops a bomb: Brisa was the otra mujer and he is going to marry her. Adelaida is furious, and doesn't have a lot of respect for Brisa. She tells Sergio she will never accept Brisa as his wife.

Marife and Abigail are making plans for Rene's party. They get Augustin to get Rene to come to the party. He agrees to help, but is troubled by Marife's feelings for Rene. Augustin is in love with Marife, and she doesn't know it. He later talks with Rene, and tells him to go somewhere at a certain time(?) Rene agrees, and wants Augustin to make sure that Brisa will be there. The party goes as planned, but Brisa is not there. Marife is ga-ga to Rene, and he kisses her. Augustin sees his brother kiss Marife, and he's jealous.

Nicholas and Luciano are together at the Montalvo office. Nicholas seems distressed, and explains that Brisa is in love with Sergio, and that Sergio asked him if they could get married. Luciano is stunned. He knew that Brisa liked Sergio, but he didn't know the situation had gotten this serious. He had always figured that in time, Cielo and Sergio would get married and it would clear the way once and for all for Rene and Brisa to be together. His evil plans depend on Rene becoming part of the Montalvo family. Later, he puts pressure on Rene to somehow win Brisa over. Time is running out.

In Las Vegas, Sandro is in the shower. Alma creeps in and tries to open the safe, but she can't get it to open. The water stops, and she has to leave before he sees her. She'll have to try again another time. When she does, he is asleep. He wakes up while she is in his room, but doesn't see her try to open the safe. Her alibi is that she had a headache and needed some aspirin. She then leaves, and he is suspicious. The next day, she chats with Rafael. She's happier now, knowing that she may see her kids soon.

At dinner, Nicholas still says no to the wedding. Mama Paz, Cielo, and Brisa all try to change his mind, and Nicholas is getting sick of the whole situation. The doorbell rings, and it's Sergio. Right there, he again asks if he and Brisa can get married. Nicholas finally gives in and agrees to the marriage.

The next day, Brisa goes to see Padre Ponciano to schedule the wedding for that Saturday. He was finishing a meeting with Adelaida, who begged him yet again to intervene and do something. As Adelaida is leaving she sees Brisa and immediately assaults her. Brisa is beside herself--Adelaida is her future mother-in-law, and she hates her for marrying her son. Adelaida is so agitated that Sergio and a nurse rush over to calm her down. Cielo also comes over to comfort Brisa. Later, Adelaida is at home and Cielo visits her. Adelaida begs her to not let the marriage happen and blames Brisa for everything that has happened. Cielo is firm, and asks Adelaida to accept Brisa.

Nicholas tells Luciano that he has agreed to let Sergio and Brisa get married. Luciano is upset, and tells Nicholas that it might be considered a scandal in the town. All Nicholas can do is apologize, because Rene will be disappointed. He tells Luciano that Brisa's happiness is far more important than town gossip.

Miranda and Marco are out shopping. At the boutique where Miranda is trying on clothes, Marco overhears the shop owner talking to an employee about the wedding dress for Senorita Montalvo in San Carlos. He knows it's the same Montalvo family, and is sad to be reminded of Cielo's wedding. In a rash judgment, afterward he takes Miranda to lunch and tells her that maybe they should get married. Miranda is stunned but overjoyed--she didn't have to do a thing!

Cliffhanger: Back at the office Marco tells his secretary to make plans for him to be in San Carlos early the next day. For some reason, he wants to be at the church to see Cielo and Sergio get married. He arrives at the church and sees the bride walk down the aisle. But he can't believe his eyes to see that the bride is not Cielo!



16 episode
by Laura

Brisa and Sergio walk down the aisle to get married. Marco is stunned, but after the initial shock wears off he is happy that Cielo is not marrying Sergio. During the ceremony Padre Ponciano tells Sergio he can kiss the bride. He kisses Brisa, looking upward the whole time. He is not happy.

Outside the church following the ceremony, Adelaida can't believe that her son has married Brisa and refuses to speak with her new daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Brisa sees Marco and welcomes him back to San Carlos. She invites him to the reception. He accepts--anything to be near Cielo! Brisa also lets Abigail know that Marco is back in town.

Miranda is making wedding plans. Sonia isn't sure of her sister's actions, and reminds Miranda that Marco only wanted to marry her if she was pregnant. Miranda brushes her off.

In Las Vegas, Alma tries again to open the safe. Rafael helps out by having drinks with Sandro, thus giving her time in the suite alone. She eventually opens the safe and takes her passport. She leaves everything else in the safe. Later, she and Rafael make plans for her escape. She's afraid but desperately wants to leave Sandro.

The wedding reception is held at the Montalvo house. Marife sees Rene and asks him why he hasn't called her. He says he's been busy. Nicholas doesn't understand why Marco is at the reception, but he is told that Brisa invited him.

Cielo has a difficult time at the reception. She goes down to the beach and Marco follows her. He wants to know why she didn't marry Sergio, and Cielo tells him off. Sergio wants to dance with her. They dance, and Sergio tells her that he loves her. Cielo walks off, disgusted. David also gets bolder in his advances towards Cielo.

Other events during the reception:

1. Luciano tells Nicholas that the Sergio/Brisa marriage was a bad idea.
2. Sergio is upset that Marco is at the reception. The two have a heated conversation about Cielo. Marco has the last word.
3. Carlota tries to push Marco and Marife together. Marife, frustrated with Carlota, responds by getting Abigail and Marco to talk to each other. Marco has figured out that Abigail was the one who called him in Mexico City.
4. Mama Paz likes Marco and they talk. He wants to make nice-nice with the Montalvos, and knows that the way to Cielo's heart may be through Mama Paz.
5. Marco also chats with Carlota the gossip. Because he doesn't understand the Brisa/Sergio situation, he is ready and willing to listen.

Sergio and Brisa honeymoon in Mexico City. She tries to get romantic in their hotel room but he resists. He says that he loves Cielo and Brisa's feelings are hurt. As of now, he has no intention of being intimate with her.

Back in Mexico City, Miranda has been trying to reach Marco via telephone. She doesn't know he's in San Carlos and wonders where he is. She goes to the office and asks Lazaro, but he doesn't say. Marco goes home that very night and briefs Lazaro about what happened. He tells Lazaro that Cielo is free, and Lazaro reminds Marco that he had suggested to Miranda that they get married. Marco then goes to Miranda's apartment and tells her they can't get married.



17 episode
by Laura

Miranda is devastated about Marco's visit. In essence, he breaks up with her. He tells her not to worry about money, however; he will continue to bankroll the apartment and her car. He leaves and she is in tears. She tells Sonia the bad news, and Sonia brings up the possibility that there is another woman. Miranda doesn't want to believe her.

While resisting Brisa's advances, Sergio tells her that the whole marriage is a lie. He then goes to the hotel bar alone.

Rene and Marife are kissing on the beach, and he asks if she will be his novia. She says yes, but it's getting late and she has to get home. Rene tries to make moves on her, and she tells him that she loves him, but she has to go. He is angry at her because he wants more from the relationship and she's not ready. He doesn't like her, but is mad that Brisa married Sergio. Marife is merely a rebound relationship; someone to distract him from Brisa.

The next morning, Marco has breakfast with Lazaro and tells him that he broke up with Miranda. He also tells Lazaro that he will move down to San Carlos during the hotel construction project. Marco then goes back to San Carlos. Miranda goes to Marco's house but he isn't there--he's already left for San Carlos. She is able to reach him on his cell phone later and wants to talk with him. He doesn't tell her he's in San Carlos, and says that his decision is final.

Alma and Rafael are making their escape today. She breaks into Sandro's room and takes everything from the safe. Rafael previously had a conversation with Sandro about a horse he owned and now visits the hotel with a box of roses for Alma. While Sandro is in another room, Rafael helps Alma put the cash and passports into the flower box. Then the bodyguard takes them to a restaurant. While they are in the car Rafael uses the bodyguard's cell phone. He switches the battery to a dead one and gives the phone back to the bodyguard. This is done to prevent Sandro from being able to reach him by phone.

The bodyguard sits at the bar and watches while Alma and Rafael eat. Alma goes to use the ladies' room, and the bodyguard follows and waits outside. While in the restroom, Alma changes into a disguise and is able to leave the restroom and the restaurant unnoticed. Rafael remains at the table; it's all part of the escape plan.

Meanwhile, Sandro is suspicious about Rafael and inquires at the stable about Rafael's horse. The stable owner says that there is no horse with that owner. Sandro knows that something is happening, but of course he can't reach the bodyguard by phone. He goes to the hotel and finds the safe empty. He then goes to the restaurant and demands to know where Alma is. Sandro is mad because the bodyguard didn't notice her leaving, and he's mad at Rafael for helping her escape.

Alma makes it to the airport and boards a plane for Mexico City. Sandro and the bodyguard arrive at the gate soon after, but her plane has left. They question the gate agent but can't get any information. They aren't sure she's on the flight, but they know she would try to go back to Mexico.

At the hotel, the lounge manager asks the bodyguard where Alma is. Without giving anything away, the bodyguard tries to explain that she had to go back to Mexico. Meanwhile, Alma is safe in a hotel room in Mexico City. There is a knock on the door and it's Rafael. Sandro has also made it to Mexico City and is in another hotel. He vows to find Alma.

David takes Cielo to dinner. Marco, eating alone, sees them and is amused that Cielo would be eating with David. Marco orders champagne for them and Cielo refuses it. Then, she goes to Marco's table to give the bottle back and tells him to leave them alone. She ends up dropping the entire bottle on the floor, right at Marco's feet.



18 episode
by Laura

In Las Vegas, the hotel lounge manager is angry that Alma is not there to sing. He gets Sandro's phone number from the bodyguard, and intends to find out what's going on. In their hotel room Alma tells Rafael that she wants to go to San Carlos the next day and see her sons. Sandro hires a private investigator to locate Alma.

David talks to Abigail about his dinner with Cielo. She's interested in what he has to say, and is glad that Cielo doesn't like Marco. But she's frustrated that Marco likes Cielo so much.

The honeymoon continues. Brisa tries to constantly push herself on Sergio but he doesn't really want to get close to her. Later they visit a museum and Sergio actually looks like he's having a good time. She hardly looks at the displays; she is more interested in what he has to say. She gets drunk during dinner and tries to seduce him.

Lazaro asks Marco's secretary to not tell anyone that Marco is in San Carlos--especially Miranda. He and Marco expect her to press the secretary for details, and the secretary agrees to keep her mouth shut. Soon thereafter, Miranda does come to the office to ask about Marco's whereabouts. The secretary doesn't tell, except to say that he's traveling. Miranda tells Sonia she is determined to find Marco.

Luciano and Nicholas talk at the Montalvo office. Nicholas is preoccupied about the seafood theft and is upset that it's an inside job. He asks Luciano to go to the police to file a report. Lawyers come to the office to discuss the matter with Nicholas. Later, Luciano asks Nicholas about the lawyers' visit.

Marco goes to see Eliseo but first encounters Raquel in the outer office. He says he will be living in San Carlos. She says he can't live there, and Marco is confused about her and her coldness towards him.

Rene takes Marife on a drive a few miles out of town, and he makes moves on her in his car. She doesn't want to go all the way, and again he is angry even though she says she loves him. He leaves her there alone in the desert, and she has to walk home alone! She is hurt, but is so lovesick she doesn't know what to think. (The whole scene was very sad, in my opinion. He said she had to give him more if she wanted to be his novia.)

Rafael and Alma are in San Carlos, and Alma wants to first go and see Nicholas and Aurora. The concierge at the hotel tells her that Aurora died in a car accident many years ago. Alma is immediately upset; she had no idea Aurora was dead. But she goes to the Montalvo office and sees Nicholas. He can't believe it's her. While they are talking, Luciano walks in.



19 episoide
by Laura

Alma explains to Luciano that she wants to see her sons. He lashes out at her; how dare she desert him and the boys, and come back 20 years later and call them "her" kids? She talks with Nicholas again. He tries to be objective, but warns that her return will be painful to many people. He introduces her to Cielo, however. Alma returns to the hotel. Rafael tries to console her and gives her a pep talk.

Nicholas tries to reason with Luciano about Alma's situation, but Luciano is very upset.

Marife asks Carlota if she was a virgin before she got married. Carlota is flustered by her daughter's question. Meanwhile, Augustin writes a poem for Marife.

A man confronts Sandro about the whereabouts of "Mayra" (Alma's stage name). Sandro pretends he doesn't know anything about her. Alma goes to Luciano's house and speaks with Rene and Augustin. Before she has a chance to tell them she is their mother, Luciano walks in and promptly says that this woman (Alma) was a friend of their mother's. Alma is disappointed and has to play along. She reluctantly says her name is Mayra. Augustin is interested in hearing about his mother, but Luciano is in a hurry for her to leave. He drives her to the hotel and is angry. He asks her to get out of the car and to leave San Carlos.

Marco sees Mama Paz in town. They agree that he will come to the Montalvos for dinner that night. Cielo is mad that Mama Paz invited him and excuses herself from the table. Within a few minutes Marco also leaves. It's an uncomfortable situation.

Sergio allows Brisa to sleep with him that night, but that's all--they aren't intimate with each other.

Later, Marco stands on the beach underneath Cielo's window. She comes outside in a swimsuit and swims in the water. She doesn't see him. When she gets out of the water he talks to her. A few times, it seems like she will be nice to him. But she ends up telling him off, and leaves him standing on the beach.

Adelaida visits Padre Ponciano, upset about the marriage of Brisa and Sergio. The padre urges her to accept Brisa and is very firm with her. But she is also adamant about not accepting the marriage. She doesn't want Brisa to be her daughter-in-law.

Abigail sees Marco in the hotel lobby and they talk. He agrees to have breakfast with her the next morning. She shows up and he takes her to the land where the hotel will be built.

Sandro is followed by the man who previously inquired about Mayra. The man isn't alone--there's now two other guys with him.

Marife tells Rene that she still wants to be his novia--so she is willing to go all the way.



20 episode
by Gaviota

Marife gives herself to Renae (or better to say wastes herself on the pig). She is unhappy after, it wasn't romantic like she thought it would be. He acted like the selfish pig he usually is. So our yellow girl isn't so sunny anymore, but she isn't ready to give up on him either.

Abagail is still working as Marco's secretary. She has found out that he doesn't have a current girl friend, so she is more ilusionada than ever.

The singer is getting to know her sons a bit, but they still don't know that she is their mother, they still think she is a friend of their mother.

Now, for the good stuff!

The newlyweds are back from their honeymoon (early - as everyone notes). They are living with Sergio's mother while their house is being built. Sergio's mother treats Brisa like a servent, ordering her to clean her room before she is allowed to have breakfast for instance. Telling her friends she is out and not letting her see them.

Cielo and Mama Paz know what Sergio's mother is capable of, so they tell Nicholas to invite the newlyweds to stay there until their house is ready, they do not want Brisa to be maltreated. Nicholas invites Sergio to bring Brisa and stay there. Sergio says it is no problem for him, he will ask Brisa.

When Cielo is visiting Brisa, Brisa does not tell her anything bad about Sergio's mom. As Cielo leaves, she runs into Sergio who tells her that Nicholas has invited them to stay at her house, and in fact her father said she was in agreement with this. Does this mean she still cares for him? He would love to live close to her, see her every day. He still loves her, bla, bla. bla.

Brisa hears all this from the top of the stairs. When Sergio askes her if she would like them to live at her father's house until theirs is ready, she says "no, we'll stay here".

Mama Paz decides to throw a dinner for the newlyweds. At the dinner are: Nicholas, Mama Paz, Sergio, Sergio's mom, Brisa, Cielo. Brisa asks for a drink and everyone looks at her. Brisa says she is a senora now and she can have a drink. Sergio's mom says Senora's don't drink. Mama Paz says she does and she will have one please. Cielo and Sergio go to fix the drinks. While close to each other and away from the others, Sergio starts in his declarations for Cielo again. She says "I'll go for the ice, it's missing".

When she comes back, guess who comes in. Nada mas y nada menos que Marco Duran.

Sergio "What are you looking for here?"

Cielo "Oh, I invited him, you don't all know that I am going out with him." She says this while she throws an arm around his neck and shoulders. Marco looks immensely pleased with himself.

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